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  Decide which of the choices given below would correctly complete the passage if inserted in the corresponding blanks.    Select the correct choice for each blank.

  Our society values boys and their experience more than it values girls, and this is (26)_____ in the education system. But education is not responsible for this and it is necessary to make the point that it isnt the teachers (27)_____ that schools are (28)_____ for the interests of boys. I thought that if I could show that every member of society believes that boys are more important —— and (29)_____ more attention —— then I would have "set the (30)_____" for the discussion about sexism (31)_____ it appears in education. I had absolutely no doubt (32)_____ I could go into the classroom and find evidence that teachers operate on the (33)_____ that boys were more important. (This does not mean that they realized this. It was not necessarily a conscious thing on their (34)_____.) If I asked teachers to tell me about the students they taught they would always begin (35)_____ the names of the boys. If I interviewed them they would probably tell me that they thought the boys were (36)_____, and that boys were more enjoyable although more (37)_____ to teach. Most of them said they planned their lessons with the interests of the boys (38)_____, because if they didnt there would be (39)_____ in the classroom. When they taught something the girls were interested in, there was always a (40)_____.

  26.   A) displayed   B) reflected   C) expressed   D) appeared

  27.   A) fault   B) duty   C) intention   D) responsibility

  28.   A) established   B) managed   C) catered   D) organized

  29.   A) deserve   B) catch   C) pay   D) arouse

  30.   A) path   B) example   C) stage   D) ground

  31.   A) that   B) as   C) when   D) if

  32.   A) whether   B) that   C) how   D) if

  33.   A) supposition   B) thought   C) purpose   D) excuse

  34.   A) role   B) side   C) part   D) mind

  35.   A) by   B) from   C) on   D) with

  36.   A) more diligent   B) brighter   C) more naughty   D) more obedient

  37.   A) demanding   B) likely   C) meaningful   D) rewarding

  38.   A) about mind   B) off mind   C) on mind   D) in mind

  39.   A) trouble   B) difficulty   C) sound   D) anger

  40.   A) discussion   B) protest   C) shout   D) complaint


  There are twenty-five sentences in this section.    Beneath each sentence there are four choices marked A, B, C and D.    Choose one word or phrase that correctly completes the sentence.

  41. The _____ of reliable data makes it impossible to reach a prompt decision.

  A) presence

  B) consequence

  C) dependence

  D) absence

  42. The first time he spoke in public he was _____ nerves.

  A) overcome

  B) inhibited

  C) numbed

  D) frozen

  43. Though he wasn't well educated, his _____ sense guided him through life.

  A) common

  B) usual

  C) general

  D) ordinary

  44. The Plate is made of a kind of plastic _____.

  A) stuff

  B) stiff

  C) staff

  D) stick

  45. The curator of the Museum was most _____ and let me actually examine the ancient manuscript.

  A) favorable

  B) gratifying

  C) obliging

  D) pleasing

  46. There is pressure on the American government to _____ the number of immigrants permitted to settle in the US.

  A) limit

  B) refrain

  C) confine

  D) decrease

  47. The word "must" is often used to indicate _____ while "might" refers to possibility.

  A) capacity

  B) probability

  C) equality

  D) ability

  48. If you keep getting wrong numbers, your phone could be _____.

  A) deceptive

  B) defective

  C) deficient

  D) ineffective

  49. We couldn't cut the string because the _____ of the knife was not sharp enough.

  A) edge

  B) side

  C) border

  D) front

  50. In order to buy a house she had to obtain a _____ from the bank.

  A) finance

  B) capital

  C) loan

  D) debt

  51. Every year I have my doctor _____ on my physical condition.

  A) check in

  B) check up

  C) check into

  D) check out

  52. This ticket _____ you to a free meal in our new restaurant.

  A) gives

  B) entitles

  C) grants

  D) credits

  53. A child who does well in exams is always _____ on to do better.

  A) encouraged

  B) approved

  C) spurred

  D) inspired

  54. The local peasants gave the soldiers clothes and food without which they _____ of hunger and cold.

  A) would die

  B) will die

  C) would be dead

  D) would have died

  55. _____ time and labor, cartoonists generally draw the hands of their characters with only three fingers and a thumb.

  A) Saved

  B) Saves

  C) To save

  D) The saving

  56. Riding my bicycle home from school, _____ as I went around the corner.

  A) a car hit me

  B) I was striked by a car

  C) I was struck by a car

  D) I was struck with a car

  57. Jane was scolded by the director because he left the office with the door _____.

  A) unlocking

  B) not being locked

  C) unlocked

  D) not locking

  58. They _____ the lecture, but upon learning that we would discuss something irrelevant to their field of study, they gave it up.

  A) were going to attend

  B) were to attend

  C) had attended

  D) would have attended

  59. Without electronic computers, much of today's advanced technology _____.

  A) have not been achieved

  B) would not achieve

  C) would not have been achieved

  D) would not be achieved

  60. _____ knows the truths about it will tell you.

  A) Who that

  B) That

  C) Whoever

  D) That who

  61. It was not yet eleven o'clock _____ a boat crossed the river with a single passenger who had obtained his transportation at that unusual hour by promising an extra fare.

  A) what

  B) when

  C) that

  D) which

  62. Women workers wear hats _____ their hair gets caught in the machinery.

  A) if

  B) in case

  C) unless

  D) because

  63. No sooner had they come back _____ they went to sleep.

  A) when

  B) then

  C) until

  D) than

  64. It _____ our teacher came that we begun the test.

  A) was until

  B) was not until

  C) not until

  D) until was

  65. _____, glasses can correct most sight defects in healthy eyes.

  A) When well fitted

  B) Being fitted

  C) was fitted

  D) fitted


  In this section there are five passages followed by fifteen questions or unfinished statements, each with four suggested answer marked A, B, C and D.    Choose the one that you think is the correct answer.

  TEXT A This month Britains business schools will let loose another batch of graduates, people well-versed in the theories of marketing and macroeconomics, organization and accounting. They may be full of enthusiasm for changing the ways of British industry but will they simply vanish into the morass of British management? It was twenty years ago that Lord Franks produced his report calling for our own version of the business schools that were educating Americas industrial and commercial elite. Two years later the London Business School arrived, closely followed by Manchester and a score more, many with more of an eye on Harvard and Stanford than the needs of the Midlands car industry or the ailing textile mills. Now they indulge in the latest computer techniques and pursue the highest academic standards, some have even ventured into the world of commerce, selling their research and consultancy services. But are they providing industry with the leaders it needs? We traced the careers of one of the top management classes form London Business School to find out.

  66. What does the Phrase "let loose another batch" tell us about the writer's opinion?

  A) The writer detests the training business schools provide.

  B) The write admires the training business schools provide.

  C) The writer disapproves of the training business schools provide.

  D) The writer despises the training business schools provide.

  67. Business schools will provide all the following courses EXCEPT _____.

  A) mathematics

  B) marketing

  C) accounting

  D) macroeconomics

  68. The London Business School was established _____.

  A) by America's commercial elite

  B) due to a suggestion of some graduates

  C) on a recommendation in the Franks report

  D) owing to a proposition by Britain's commercial elite

  TEXT B The right combination of bricks, mortar and plaster can be mixed to build a city, but it is the citys people who add that extra dimension which makes it vibrant, memorable, famous and much-visited. London is such a city, and a major exhibition about its people makes this point by pulling together paintings, drawings and prints by artists over the centuries to show Londoners from all walks of life and in all manners of settings. The capitals renowned old markets, most now gone, like Covent Garden and Billingsgate, captured the eye of painters because of the extraordinarily disparate range of characters mingling together. Processions and ceremonial events were popular subjects, although many artists were inspired by the individuals they saw: the street traders, laborers, merchants, craftsmen, society folk, servants, visiting foreigners, the very poor, the old, and the criminals. There is a book which accompanies the show and from which In Britain has chose its illustrations. Londoners is published by Thames and Hudson, 30-34 Bloomsbury street, London WC1B 3QP. Telephone 01-6365488. It has 237 illustrations, 20 in color: ?0 in hardback, ?.95 paperback. Available post-free direct from the publishers to addresses overseas, or from bookshops in the UK. The exhibition continues until August 2 at the Museum of London. Open Tuesday to Saturday, 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Admission free.

  69. According to the advertisement, the element which adds the real color to a city is _____.

  A) the city itself

  B) its inhabitants

  C) the buildings

  D) the markets

  70. From the advertisement, we are told that the book which goes with the exhibition _____.

  A) is called Londoners

  B) is called Britain

  C) contains only 20 pictures

  D) contains less than 200 illustrations

  71. Readers overseas can get a copy of the book _____.

  A) for £9.95

  B) by paying £29.95

  C) only by ordering from bookshops in Britain

  D) by joining the Literary Guild.

  72. From the advertisement, we can infer that there would be free admission _____.

  A) on Mondays

  B) on August 1st

  C) on Sundays

  D) before 10 a.m.

  TEXT C On July 4, 1776, a secret meeting of insurgent colonists in America passed the Declaration of Independence. War against the British had already been going on for over a year, so the declaration came as the climax of years of stormy events in America. The impetus for the American Revolution was the treaty of Paris in 1763, which ended the struggle between the British and French for control over North America. Since the colonists no longer were frightened by the French, they ceased to rely upon the British for protection and were not as submissive as they were formerly. On the other hand, the British regarded the colonies as a source of revenue and began to impose unfair taxes upon them. The Sugar Act in 1764 and the Stamp Act was repealed in 1766 as a result of the riots. The British continued their policy of taxation without collaboration with their once obedient subjects. The Townshend Acts (a series of taxes on glass, lead, paper, and tea) created such disgust that the citizens of Boston attacked British soldiers who fired upon them. A new tea tax in 1773 again consolidated Boston residents disagreement. About fifty men disguised as Indians boarded British ships and got rid of their cargo of tea in protest against the tea tax. That was the famous Boston Tea Party. In reprisal, the British abolished the Bostonians right to self-rule, and by passing what were referred to as Intolerable Acts in Boston, they infuriated all of the colonies and caused them to unite in protest. Representatives from twelve colonies gathered in Philadelphia in 1774 to plan a stratagem to avoid British interference in trade and to protest the infamy of taxation without representation. The British responded that the colonies were in rebellion, and, since nothing would soothe either side, both sides prepared for war.

  73. According to the passage, the first violent protest against the British was made in _____.

  A) 1764

  B) 1765

  C) 1770

  D) 1773

  74. We are told that the colonists did not need the British after the Treaty of Paris, because the former _____.

  A) were independent

  B) didn't like to pay taxes

  C) made a treaty with the French

  D) didn't need protection from an enemy

  75. The best title for this passage is _____.

  A) The American Revolution

  B) The Temperament of the Colonists

  C) The Causes of the American Revolution

  D) The Effects of the American Revolution

  TEXT D When you choose a freezer, remember its probably going to be with you for a long time. No single style or size is best, so its important to know which freezer is right for your needs. First, decide if you want an upright or chest model. Uprights are more convenient. Their storage space is more accessible and they take up less floor area. However, chest models are more energy-efficient because less cold air escapes when they are open. If youre buying an upright, youll have to choose between frostless or manual defrost. Chest freezers are always manual. Frostless freezers automatically defrost at preset intervals and remove the water. Manual models must be defrosted by hand every few months or whenever frost accumulates to about a quarter of an inch. To help your freezer reach a ripe old age, try to find a spot thats cool, dry, and away from drafts. Drafts and heat will raise the freezers cabinet temperature and make it work harder to keep cool. That means wasted energy and a shortened compressor life. Dry air is important because high humidity can cause the freezer to rust outside and frost up inside. With proper care, a freezer can serve you for 15 years or more. Frostless models require less care than manual defrost freezers. The interior of a frostless unit should be washed periodically with warm water and baking soda or a mild soap, rinsed, and dried. To get the most from your freezer, check regularly to make sure its providing a rue zero-degree temperature. Keep the freezer at least three-quarters full. The emptier it gets, the more energy is wasted. If more than three pounds of food per cubic foot of storage space is added every 24 hours, the resulting high or low temperatures can damage the food.

  76. According to the passage, choosing the best place for your freezer means _____.

  A) putting it in an unheated garage if possible

  B) trying to keep it away from heat, drafts, and humidity

  C) locating it near a sink if it is a manual-defrost model

  D) locating it as close as possible to the kitchen door

  77. Which statement best describes the main idea of the passage?

  A) It discusses the advantages and disadvantages of freezers.

  B) It tells the most economical ways to use a freezer.

  C) It explains how to defrost a manual-defrost freezer.

  D) It offers advice about choosing and caring for a freezer.

  TEXT E "Had a good flight?" the Chief asked. "A bit bumpy over the Azores," Hawthorne said. On this occasion he had not had time to change from his pale gray tropical suit; the summons had come to him urgently in Kinston and a car had met him at London Airport. He sat as close to the steam radiator as he could, but sometimes he couldnt help a shiver. "Whats that odd flower youre wearing?" Hawthorne had quite forgotten it. He put his hand up to his lapel. "It looks as though it had once been an orchid," the Chief said with disapproval. "Pan American gave it to us with our dinner last night," Hawthorne explained. He took out the limp mauve rag and put it in the ash-tray. "With your dinner? What an odd thing to do," the Chief said, "It can hardly have improved the meal. personally I detest orchids. Decadent things. There was someone, wasnt there, who wore green ones?" "I only put it in my button-hole so as to clear the dinner-tray. There was so little room, with the hot-cakes and champagne and the sweet salad and the tomato soup and the chicken Maryland and ice-cream ……" "What a terrible mixture. You should travel BOAC." "You didnt give me enough time, sir, to get a booking." "Well, the matter is rather urgent. You know our man in Havana has been turning out some pretty disquieting stuff lately." "Hes a good man," Hawthorne said. "I dont deny it. I wish we had more like him. What I cant understand is how the Americans have not tumbled to anything there." Have you asked them, sir?" "Of course not. I dont trust their discretion." "Perhaps they dont truest ours."

  78. Hawthorne is still wearing his tropical suit because _____.

  A) such clothing was more expensive in London

  B) his flight had come straight into London airport

  C) he thought the suit the most appropriate thing to wear

  D) he was in too big a hurry to put on more suitable clothes

  79. From the passage, we learn that the phase "limp mauve rag" refers to _____.

  A) an orchid

  B) a handkerchief

  C) a menu

  D) a cigarette packet

  80. The Chief recommends that Hawthorne travel by BOAC because _____.

  A) orchids do not improve the taste of a meal

  B) the food is badly cooked on Pan American

  C) the menu Hawthorne described is not well-chose

  D) the airline offers chicken and ice-cream


  In this section there are six passages with a total of ten multiple-choice questions.    Skim or scan them as required and then select your answers to the questions.

  TEXT F First read the following questions. 81. What should attendees NOT expect at the Career Days Expo? A. Information on how to look for a job. B. Job training. C. Lists of job openings. D. Job interviews. 82. What would a person pay if he drove to the Convention Centers, attended the Expo, participated in two workshops, and had a resume electronically submitted to several companies? A. 6.00 B. 10.00 C. 16.00 D. 25.00 Now read Text F quickly and select your answers. Career Days Employment Expo Tuesday, April 7, 10:00 a.m. —— 8:00 p.m. Convention Center The Times, your unparalleled link between employers and job seekers, is proud to sponsor Career Days as a service to its readers. Admission to Career Days is free, and all attendees can register for special sweepstakes prizes. Bring your resume to the Employment Expo (copy duplication available). So come out today and meet face to face with company recruiting managers and with representatives from a variety of schools and training companies. Interviews may be conducted on site. Career Days Extras! · Resume Distribution Center Have your resume electronically distributed to all participating companies (there is a 10.00 fee for this service). · Employment Forums 11:30 AM Guest Speaker Jon P. Rodman, PH. D. 12:30 PM Guest Speaker Don Fleming, Times President · Career Workshop Center 1:30 PM Applications, Resumes, and Letters 2:30 PM Job Searching on the Internet 3:30 PM Job Source Leads 4:30 PM Interviewing · Career Enhancement Center Representatives from a number of schools will be on hand to discuss the many beneficial programs they offer. Career Days Presented by the Times Directions to the Convention Center: From the Harbor Expressway north or south, exit at 9th Street and proceed east to Flower Street. Turn right on Flower Street and right on Main Street. Turn left on Convention Center Drive and enter and the Convention Centers South Hall parking lot. 6.00 parking charge. For recorded information, call the Times at 1-800-555-6676.

  81. What should attendees NOT expect at the Career Days Expo?

  A) Information on how to look for a job.

  B) Job training.

  C) Lists of job openings.

  D) Job interviews.

  82. What would a person pay if he drove to the Convention Centers, attended the Expo, participated in two workshops, and had a resume electronically submitted to several companies?

  A) '6.00

  B) '10.00

  C) '16.00

  D) '25.00

  TEXT G First read the following questions. 83. The amount of solar energy that is absorbed as heat is _____. A. 19% B. 34% C. 53% D. 47% Now read Text G quickly and select your answers. Solar Energy 1. Sometimes your wet bathing suit dries before you have had a chance to change into your clothes. When seated by the window of a bus on a sunny winter day, you may feel very warm. These situations occur because solar energy is present. Solar energy is energy given off by the sun. 2. Imagine gasoline flowing over Niagara Falls at the same rate the water does. That would be 5 billion gallons (19 billion liters) of gasoline an hour! Suppose that all the flowing gasoline is collected for over 200 million years. If all that gasoline is burned, it would equal the amount of energy transmitted by the sun in one hour. 3. Not all the solar energy released by the sun reaches the earths surface. About 34% is scattered into space by the gases or dust in the atmosphere. Another 19% is absorbed by the different layers of the atmosphere. The remaining 47% finally reaches the ground where it is absorbed as heat.

  83. The amount of solar energy that is absorbed as heat is _____.

  A) 19%

  B) 34%

  C) 53%

  D) 47%

  TEXT H First read the following questions. 84. Pharmacologists and biologists are interested in sponges because _____. A. they are primitive B. of their digestive system C. of the chemicals they produce D. they are neither plant nor animal Now read Text H quickly and select your answers. Sponges are just barely animals, such as a borderline case that until the 19th century they were called zoophytes, the animal-plants. They are among the most primitive forms of multi-cellular animal life. But they have been around a long time and must be doing something right. More than 5,000 species inhabit this planet, living in fresh water and throughout the sea down to depths of more than 25,000 feet. Often strikingly beautiful, sponges offer the added virtue of usefulness. Even with synthetic sponges widely available, a market for natural sponges persists. They hold more water without dripping, are easier to clean, and last longer, even under heavy use. And now, after centuries in the bathtub, sponges are finding their way into the laboratories of pharmacologists and cell biologists. As do so many marine invertebrates that have limited defenses in the usual sense (they are capable of neither fight nor flight), sponges produce some extremely powerful chemical compounds, toxic and otherwise, that hold great promise as future drugs for the treatment of human disorders, including cancer.

  84. Pharmacologists and biologists are interested in sponges because _____.

  A) they are primitive

  B) of their digestive system

  C) of the chemicals they produce

  D) they are neither plant nor animal

  TEXT I First read the following questions. 85. What claim is NOT made for this air purifier? A. It stops colds and hay fever. B. It doesnt take up much room. C. It gives a room a nice scent. D. It removes air impurities that can cause allergies. 86. What is currently the price of the air purifier A. 10.00 B. 25.00 C. 59.95 D. 69.95 Now read Text I quickly and select your answers. A Room Full of Air Thats as Fresh as a Daisy Experts predict that our unusually warm, wet winter will bring the worst allergy season in 20 years. Now, at your desk, in your den, even in your bedroom, theres no reason not to breathe clean, fresh air. The AirClear Air Purifier is a pint-sized wonder that measures just 6" long by 6" high, fits anywhere, and scrubs the air clean and flower fresh in a 12 by 10 room three times an hour. Pollen, smoke, bacteria, odors, and mold spores are all removed by AirClears sophisticated four-stage purification system. And thats not all. The AirClear features a convenient, slide-control fragrance dispenser; a fan that is powerful yet whisper quiet. Ruggedly constructed, the AirClear is the first and only personal air purifier thats both full featured and value priced. Regularly 69.95. Now 59.95. Thats a 10.00 savings. Save 25.00 when ordering two!

  85. What claim is NOT made for this air purifier?

  A) It stops colds and hay fever.

  B) It doesn't take up much room.

  C) It gives a room a nice scent.

  D) It removes air impurities that can cause allergies.

  86. What is currently the price of the air purifier

  A) '10.00

  B) '25.00

  C) '59.95

  D) '69.95

  TEXT J First read the following questions. 87. The writer had the unpleasant experience in a _____. A. hotel B. Chinese restaurant C. restaurant in Shakespeares birthplace D. bar in London 88. Mr. Weller hopes that his letter of complaint will _____. A. be looked into at once B. embarrass the manager C. result in the restaurant being closed D. cause the quick dismissal of the head waiter Now read Text J quickly and select your answers. Dear Sir, I am writing make a strong complaint about the impolite treatment my quests, my colleague and I received when we visited your restaurant last Friday evening. On booking a table for four by telephone on Tuesday we were assured that there would be room for us despite the fact that you had only been open for a few weeks and were already booked. We appreciate that there must be great demand for restaurant meals at this time of the year in such a popular and historic area but we were not expecting such an ill-mannered reception on the part of your head waiter. Our Chinese friends are currently touring the "Shakespeare country" and were looking forward to a traditional English dinner in such a charming setting. But our hopes for an enjoyable evening out were instantly spoilt when your head waiter informed us that he had received no booking in our name and, so, no table was reserved for our party. My colleague and I protested at this and asked to speak to the manager, who, we were told, was unavailable. Your staff then offered us a table which we all had to share with another couple and no effort was made to smooth over the unpleasantness we had experienced. We also had to wait some considerable time before the menu was brought to us. I trust you will give this complaint your prompt attention as the whole embarrassing incident was a great disappointment to our guests and sets a bad example of our English hospitality. Yours sincerely, Paul J. Weller

  87. The writer had the unpleasant experience in a _____.

  A) hotel

  B) Chinese restaurant

  C) restaurant in Shakespeare's birthplace

  D) bar in London

  88. Mr. Weller hopes that his letter of complaint will _____.

  A) be looked into at once

  B) embarrass the manager

  C) result in the restaurant being closed

  D) cause the quick dismissal of the head waiter

  TEXT K First read the following questions. 89. In the writers opinion, the best way to see Edinburgh is to _____. A. wander around on foot B. visit the Edinburgh Museum C. go shopping in Princes Street D. take an organized Ghost Tour 90. Which of the following is Edinburgh not famous for? A. Its attractions. B. Its restaurants. C. Its historic significance. D. Its splendor. Now read Text K quickly and select your answers. Today the picturesque Old Town holds a wealth of attractions for the visitor. In its narrow lanes and "closes" are to be found museums, galleries, craft shops etc. There are surprises round every corner —— especially if you go on an organized Ghost Tour, which winds down some unfrequented alleys and encounters strange characters from the past …… The best way to see Edinburgh is simply to walk about. The main attractions are very central: for a quick orientation tour, two companies operate open-top buses. A stroll down Princes Street, and youre in the New Town. Scotlands national treasures are housed in the citys museums and galleries, and there is a rich program of special exhibitions and events throughout the year. Edinburgh first laid its claim to the title "city of culture" in the late 18th century, when it was known as "The Athens of the North" and acknowledged to be the driving force behind European Enlightenment. Shortly after World War II the claim was revived —— and it is repeated every August —— when the city plays host to the largest festival of the Arts in the world, the Edinburgh Festival.

  89. In the writer's opinion, the best way to see Edinburgh is to _____.

  A) wander around on foot

  B) visit the Edinburgh Museum

  C) go shopping in Princes Street

  D) take an organized Ghost Tour

  90. Which of the following is Edinburgh not famous for?

  A) Its attractions.

  B) Its restaurants.

  C) Its historic significance.

  D) Its splendor.


  Listen to the following passage.    Altogether the passage will be read to you four times.    During the first reading, which will be read at normal speed, listen and try to understand the meaning.    For the second and third readings, the passage will be read sentence by sentence, or phrase by phrase, with intervals of 15 seconds.    The last reading will be read at normal speed again and during this time you should check your work.    You will then be given 2 minutes to check through your work once more.


  Write a composition of about 150 words on the following topic:

  WHICH DO YOU PREFER, SHARING A ROOM WITH A STRANGER OR LIVING BY YOURSELF? You are to write in three parts. In the first part, state clearly your viewpoint on this issue. In the second part, give one or two reasons to support your point of view. In the last part, bring what you have written to a natural conclusion. Marks will be awarded for content, organization, grammar and appropriacy. Failure to follow these instructions may result in the loss of marks.


  Write a note of about 50-60 words based on the following situation: You want to hire a tutor for your child. Write a personal advertisement to be published in the local newspaper. All important details should be included.

  Marks will be awarded for content, organization, grammar and appropriacy.

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