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  Decide which of the choices given below would correctly complete the passage if inserted in the corresponding blanks.    Select the correct choice for each blank.

  With so much feeling astir and so many novel ideas being agitated, it might seem logical to expect a flourishing school of Romantic drama. Yet only a few isolated works, more interesting than irreplaceable, compose the dramatic (26)_____ of the Romanticists —— Shelleys Cenci, Byrons Manfred, and Kleists brilliant pieces in several (27)_____. Ironically, Shakespeares new role (28)_____ emancipator had a curiously paralyzing effect on the theatre down to the middle of the century and beyond. In England, poet after poet tried his hand (29)_____ poetic drama, only to fail from (30)_____ to be Shakespearean. On the Continent, various misconceptions about him and old habits of classical tragedy prevented a new drama from (31)_____. Victor Hugos plays contained brilliant verse, and their form influenced grand opera (Wagners no less than Verdis), but the fact remained: the dramatic quality could be found everywhere in Romanticist art (32)_____ on the stage. Reflection (33)_____ this point suggests that, quite apart from Shakespeare, the very concern of the Romantics (34)_____ exploring the inner and outer worlds (35)_____ hampered the playwright. Perhaps great drama requires that one or the other world (36)_____ as settled so that conflict, (37)_____ is the essence of drama, develops between a strong new force and a solid resistance. (38)_____, the Romantics found themselves in an age when both inner and outer worlds were (39)_____ and from that double uncertainty derived their creative (40)_____.

  26.   A) outcome   B) income   C) output   D) input

  27.   A) kinds   B) genres   C) types   D) categories

  28.   A) as   B) for   C) with   D) in

  29.   A) in   B) for   C) to   D) at

  30.   A) so anxious a desire   B) too anxious a desire   C) so anxious desire   D) too anxious desire

  31.   A) coming to life   B) come to life   C) bringing to life   D) bring to life

  32.   A) beside   B) besides   C) except   D) except for

  33.   A) on   B) for   C) to   D) in

  34.   A) on   B) with   C) in   D) at

  35.   A) simultaneously   B) spontaneously   C) supernaturally   D) suspensively

  36.   A) take   B) has been taken   C) be taken   D) taken

  37.   A) that   B) what   C) whose   D) which

  38.   A) Be that as it may   B) May it be that   C) As it may that be   D) As is may be that

  39.   A) in force   B) in progress   C) in shape   D) in flux

  40.   A) implosion   B) impetus   C) impiety   D) impetuosity


  There are twenty-five sentences in this section.    Beneath each sentence there are four choices marked A, B, C and D.    Choose one word or phrase that correctly completes the sentence.

  41. The actors and actresses were given only a ten-minute _____ before they resumed again.

  A) break

  B) stop

  C) span

  D) pause

  42. They have left London _____ good.

  A) with

  B) against

  C) over

  D) for

  43. The hero's speech _____ the entire audience.

  A) urged

  B) praised

  C) touched

  D) striked

  44. It would relieve my mind if some sort of _____ were reached between us.

  A) sense

  B) understanding

  C) comprehension

  D) knowledge

  45. Do you think that religion is _____ with science?

  A) comparative

  B) compatible

  C) competitive

  D) comparable

  46. _____ there's a good reason for her absence, as she doesn't usually stay away from work.

  A) Currently

  B) Presumably

  C) Seemingly

  D) Decidedly

  47. In the dark it was hard for us to _____ resign unless he received an increase in salary.

  A) make for

  B) make out

  C) make sure

  D) make up

  48. The manager _____ to resign unless he received an increase in salary.

  A) promised

  B) announced

  C) threatened

  D) preferred

  49. The city planted trees at short _____ along the streets.

  A) distances

  B) spaces

  C) intervals

  D) pauses

  50. The article appeared in the fourth _____ of the magazine.

  A) edition

  B) issue

  C) version

  D) print

  51. You can _____ a fortune by regularly saving money.

  A) come up

  B) build up

  C) bring up

  D) add up

  52. I don't know if the story is true but I will try to _____ it.

  A) conform

  B) prove

  C) identify

  D) verify

  53. In preparation for the wedding ceremony, Gary tried to set _____ a few dollars of his salary each month.

  A) aside

  B) off

  C) about

  D) out

  54. All but one worker _____ here just now.

  A) is

  B) was

  C) has been

  D) were

  55. Do you want to leave everything to your wife in your will or would you like anyone else _____?

  A) to be mentioned

  B) to mention

  C) that they're mentioned

  D) being mentioned

  56. Silver is the best conductor of electricity, copper _____ it closely.

  A) followed

  B) following

  C) to follow

  D) being followed

  57. All things _____, the result is satisfactory.

  A) considered

  B) considering

  C) to consider

  D) are considered

  58. To have a successful party, _____ beforehand.

  A) everything should be arranged

  B) we should arrange everything

  C) everything must be arranged

  D) things ought to be arranged

  59. If it _____ Professor Johnson's recommendation I wouldn't have been admitted to the graduate school.

  A) were not for

  B) had not been for

  C) were not

  D) had not been

  60. _____ matters little.

  A) He will come or not

  B) If or not he comes

  C) Whether he comes or not

  D) He comes or not

  61. By using your eyes you can tell the direction _____ light comes.

  A) in which

  B) from which

  C) with which

  D) on which

  62. A man escaped from the prison last week. It was a long time _____ the guards discovered what had happened.

  A) before

  B) until

  C) since

  D) than

  63. A little learning is a dangerous thing, for you might as well not know a thing _____ know it only imperfectly.

  A) that

  B) as

  C) than

  D) but

  64. Hard as _____, it is quite easy to drill a hole on it with laser.

  A) is the diamond

  B) does the diamond

  C) the diamond is

  D) the diamond does

  65. "It was very cold yesterday." "_____."

  A) So was it

  B) So it was

  C) It so was

  D) Was it so


  In this section there are five passages followed by fifteen questions or unfinished statements, each with four suggested answer marked A, B, C and D.    Choose the one that you think is the correct answer.

  TEXT A To get a chocolate out of a box demands a considerable amount of unpacking: the box has to be taken out of its paper bag; the plastic wrapper has to be torn off, the lid opened and the packing paper inside removed; the chocolate itself then has to be unwrapped from its own piece of paper. Similarly a pot of face cream comes surrounded by layers of paper, wedged inside a cardboard box, and the whole thing wrapped tightly in plastic. It is not only luxuries which are wrapped in this way. With so many goods now produced centrally and sold in supermarkets it is becoming increasingly difficult to buy anything from nails to potatoes that is not already done up in plastic or paper. The wrapper itself is of no interest to the shopper, who usually throws it away immediately. Useless wrapping accounts for much of the 31 pounds in weight of rubbish put out by the average London household each week. So why is it done? Some of it, like the wrapping on meat, is necessary, but most of the rest is simply competitive selling. This is stupid. Packaging is using up scarce energy and raw materials and ruining all the time. One big firm reports that its glass, cans and paper have all gone up by 30 percent in the last couple of months, whi9le plastic has increased by 50 percent and all these prices are still rising. This seems as yet to have had surprisingly little effect on the packaging practice of manufacturers. Little research is being carried out on the costs in energy and materials of other possible types of packaging. Just how practical is it, for instance, for local authorities to save waste paper and re-manufacture it as egg-boxes? Would it be cheaper to plant another forest to produce new paper? One reason for the unorganized behavior of everyone concerned is probably the varied nature of the packaging industry. So many people, with so many different interests of their own, are affected that it is extremely hard to reach any agreement on what should be done. Also, packagers say that preserving forests and preventing waste is not their concern.

  66. The shopper gets rid of the wrapper immediately because _____.

  A) he is careless

  B) it adds to the weight

  C) it is difficult for him to handle

  D) it has no importance for him

  67. From the passage, we can deduce that the main purpose of most wrapping is to _____.

  A) help sell the product

  B) save the shoppers' time

  C) save the shopkeepers' time

  D) help people carry their goods

  68. According to the author, the packaging industry is _____.

  A) full of capable people

  B) rather disorganized

  C) very worried about waste

  D) full of people with different opinions

  TEXT B Whatever may be said against mass circulation magazines and newspapers, it can hardly be argued that they are out of touch with their readers daydreams, and therefore the inducements they hold out to them must be a near accurate reflection of their unfulfilled wants and aspirations. Study these and you will assuredly understand a good ideal of what it is that makes society tick. Looking back, for example, to the twenties and thirties, we can see that circulation managers unerringly diagnosed the twin obsessions which dominated that era of mass unemployment —— economic insecurity and a passionate concern for the next generation. Thus it was that readers were recruited with offers of free insurance policies for the one, and free instant education for the other. The family whose breadwinner lost an eye in a double railway derailment, or an arm in a flood, could confidently expect to collect several hundred pounds from the Daily This or the Evening That. The family who could not afford to send their son to grammar school could find consolation in equipping him with the complete works of Shakespeare in one magnificent, easy to read volume. After the war the need to fall into step with the new consumer society was soon realized. If you were flanked by neighbors who, unlike you, could afford a holiday abroad, then winning an easy competition could set you up with a fortnight in an exotic sunspot. Dishwashers, washing machines, slow-cookers and deep-fat-friers were and are available by the same means.

  69. The writer finds the study of gifts and prizes interesting because it _____.

  A) reveals social trends

  B) exposes journalistic dishonesty

  C) confirms his view of human nature

  D) shows the power of the popular press

  70. From the passage, we are told that newspapers in the 1920s and 1930s offered their readers gifts in order to _____.

  A) spread popular education

  B) increase their circulation

  C) improve social conditions

  D) increase their readers' ambitions

  71. What does the choice of gifts tell us about the circulation managers?

  A) They despised their readers.

  B) They understood their readers

  C) They enjoyed being powerful.

  D) They were out of touch.

  72. Why did holidays abroad become a common prize after the war?

  A) Group travel became easier.

  B) Everyone wanted the opportunity to travel.

  C) People became more interested in material possessions.

  D) People wanted to get away from familiar surroundings.

  TEXT C The function of the office is to perform administrative work. First it must provide the necessary communications with customers, banks, government departments, and other outside organizations. Second, it must service the information requirements within the company itself. In order to meet these needs efficiently, the Office Manager must employ the most appropriate business methods, system and equipment. In an efficient administrative structure, clerical operations are organized so that they add to the profitability of the business. However, in many countries the number of clerical staff has increased while the total number of workers employed in production has fallen. In Britain, for example, the total workforce in the years 1919-1976 went up by 24%, while the number of people who were employed in clerical work in creased by 150%. For a country such as Britain, which depends on a manufacturing base, that can mean inefficiency. To ensure that office services run smoothly, there must be the means to check, sort, copy and file correspondence and other paperwork. Today there is a growing range of machines that can be used to do such jobs. The size and resources of a company will determine how mechanized or computerized its office systems are. The office must give maximum service at minimum cost. A balance must be kept between production, marketing, and administration. As a company develops and grows, the contribution of administration will vary in kind and in value. The most important objective in modern offices is the processing of data in order to provide a means of business control, but in many companies there are weaknesses in the ability to manage communications efficiently. For example, some data are often used only by individual managers, and different departments in the same company may use different data processing systems. In order to contribute to business efficiency, however, data processing must be a centralized service. The system which is required is one that looks at the total needs of a business and therefore assists management in making appropriate decisions quickly.

  73. According to the passage, the function of the office manager is to _____.

  A) provide the necessary information for the local authority

  B) keep a balance between production, marketing and administration

  C) assist management in making appropriate decisions quickly

  D) make sure that administrative work is performed efficiently

  74. In what way are some companies inefficient in managing communications?

  A) By not making data available to all managers.

  B) By using the same data processing systems.

  C) By checking business correspondence.

  D) By depending on a manufacturing base.

  75. The degree of computerization in a company's office is limited by _____.

  A) the business methods and systems

  B) the correspondence and other paperwork

  C) the data and data processing systems

  D) the size and resources of a company

  TEXT D Training must have a purpose, which is defined when a firm analyses its training needs. A review of manpower planning should include a training analysis which looks carefully at training from the point of view of the company, its various departments and personnel. This may show that weaknesses exist in some departments and that, as a result, training is needed for their staff. Training needs are based on an analysis of job descriptions and job specifications. A job description should give details of the performance that is required for a specific job, and a job specification should give information about the behavior knowledge and skills that are expected of an employee who works in it. When all of this has been collected, it is possible to make a training specification. This specifies what the Training Department must teach for the successful performance of the job, and also the best methods to use in training period. There are many different training methods, and there are advantages and disadvantages to all of them. Successful training programs depend on an understanding of the difference between learning about skills and training in using them. It is frequently said that learning about skills takes place "off the job", in the classroom; but training in using those skills takes place "on the job", by means of such activities as job rotation and planned experience. It is always difficult to evaluate the costs and savings of a training program. The success of such a program depends not only on the methods used but also on the equality of the staff who do the training. A company can often check on savings in time and cost by examining the manual work performed by operators and technicians who have completed a training program. The evaluation of management and supervisory staff who leave their employment and the number who stay away from work for reasons of health.

  76. According to the passage, an analysis of training needs is based on _____.

  A) the performance required for a general job

  B) the knowledge and skills expected in a person

  C) the costs and savings of a training program

  D) both the performance and knowledge and skills expected in a job

  77. From the passage, we learn that "training in using them" takes place _____.

  A) in the classroom

  B) in the laboratory

  C) on the job

  D) at the training department

  TEXT E It is refreshing to see an international organization not only subjecting itself to criticism but also publishing the results. A report published today by the International Development Association which lends on highly concessionary terms to the poorest countries, deserves credit on both counts. But the reason for producing this sizeable document say as much about the crisis facing aid agencies as they do about the recipients of aid. In the nature of things the document is self-justificatory. It would be curious indeed for a group of international civil servants enjoying substantial tax-free salaries to recommend their own disbandment. The report concludes that without IDA, the situation in the worlds poorest countries "world have been even worse, and the needs today even greater". Leaving aside whether one can say what would have happened otherwise, there is no doubt that in the 22 years since its inception IDA has been diligent. It has committed 27,000m to 1,302 projects in 78 countries. This year disbursements will be about 2,100m, despite the argument over IDAs funding which has left it with less money than expected. All of these considerable sums have gone to the poorest countries on generous terms. No country with a per capita income of more than 730 is eligible for IDA assistance, and in 1980 no less than 80 percent of net disbursements were to countries with per capita incomes of only 410. When incomes are so desperately low, it is not surprising that the terms allow repayment over 50 years without interest. Nevertheless, as IDA candidly admits, measuring the effectiveness of such aid is difficult. It insists that projects must pay for themselves. In effect, the rate of return must provide the borrowing government with revenue to meet its obligations or else the loan becomes a subsidy.

  78. The word "counts" in the first paragraph refers to _____.

  A) the considerable sums which have gone to the poorest countries

  B) IDA submitting itself to an evaluation and making the result known

  C) the reasons for producing the sizeable document

  D) the generous terms that IDA has offered

  79. Why is IDA short of money?

  A) Due to a crises facing aid agencies.

  B) Due to a quarrel over IDA's funding.

  C) Due to less money being donated by rich countries.

  D) Due to a group of servants enjoying tax-free salaries.

  80. What qualifies a country for financial aid?

  A) A per capita income of more than '730.

  B) A per capita income of less than '410.

  C) A per capita income of more than £2,100.

  D) A per capita income of less than '730.


  In this section there are five passages with a total of ten multiple-choice questions.    Skim or scan them as required and then select your answers to the questions.

  TEXT F First read the following questions. 81. According to the passage, the canals allowed _____. A. the prevention of floods B. seawater to enter farmlands C. seawater to drain from the land D. the limestone to be exposed to air 82. In their nurseries, Tortugas shrimp require _____. A. rapidly moving water B. a high, steady water temperature C. a heavy concentration of salt water D. some fresh water mixed with the salt water Now read Text F quickly and select your answers. The record of peoples manipulation of nature in the Florida Everglades is replete with examples of remedies that were never fully analyzed before they were applied —— remedies that inevitably turned out to be more disastrous than the troubles they were intended to cure. It was peoples judgment, for example, that the rich muck of South Florida was going to waste under waste; so people drained off the water only to discover that muck, exposed to the heat of the sun, oxidizes into thin air. In some agricultural districts now as much as 40 percent of the organic soils are gone. Some farmers will be ploughing limestone by the year 2000. But they wont be raising any crops. Similarly, drainage undertaken to increase food production in one area has inhibited productivity in another; in periods of drought, the long canals became arms of the sea and salt water intruded on the land. In 1945, salinity in the soil killed off 18,000 acres of vegetables in southeast Dade country. Now increasing salinity in Florida Bay, caused by the decreasing outflow of fresh water from the Everglades, threatens the natural offshore nursery ground of the Tortugas shrimp and a 20 million annual commercial fishery.

  81. According to the passage, the canals allowed _____.

  A) the prevention of floods

  B) seawater to enter farmlands

  C) seawater to drain from the land

  D) the limestone to be exposed to air

  82. In their nurseries, Tortugas shrimp require _____.

  A) rapidly moving water

  B) a high, steady water temperature

  C) a heavy concentration of salt water

  D) some fresh water mixed with the salt water

  TEXT G First read the following questions. 83. Women in restaurants are advised to put their purses _____. A. under their arms B. under their coats C. on the floor between the legs D. on the wrists 84. Using the umbrella handle to hook the bag often occurs in _____. A. restaurants B. theatres C. New York City subways D. toilet stalls Now read Text G quickly and select your answers. Purse Snatching Purse snatching is an increasingly common crime. There are estimated 50 to 100 purse snatchings each month in the New York City subways, the number often swinging widely because of the depredations of a single teenager. When such a professional is in custody, the snatchings decrease by more than 50 a month. One of the favored techniques is to stand between two subway cars and, as the train starts pulling out of the station, reach out and pull a free womans purse. Recently, a crime analysis officer for the New York Police Department found that purse stealing in Manhattans top restaurants was up 35 percent over the previous year. When a woman puts her purse on a vacant chair at a table or at her feet beside her chair, she is inviting a purse snatcher to take it. purse snatchers often work in pairs. When a target in a restaurant is sighted, one of them will create some kind of disturbance to gain the victims attention. While the woman is looking away from her table, the actual snatcher will lift the purse. A popular technique is for the thief, man or woman, to carry an umbrella with the curved handle down. The umbrella handle suddenly hooks the bag and in an instant it is on the thiefs wrist, or under the coat over his arm if he is a man, and on its way out of the restaurant. Police advise that women in restaurants keep their purses either on their laps or on the floor between their legs. Other purse snatchers who operate in theaters are called "seat tippers", victimizing women who put their purses down on an adjacent empty seat. Yet others specialize in snatching purses from ladies rooms. When a woman is in a toilet stall, her purse should never be placed on the floor or hung on the coat hook on the door. Thieves simply dive under the door and grab the purse on the floor or stand on the toilet in the next stall and reach over and take the purse off the hook. The snatcher has ample time to escape since the victim cant immediately pursue the thief.

  83. Women in restaurants are advised to put their purses _____.

  A) under their arms

  B) under their coats

  C) on the floor between the legs

  D) on the wrists

  84. Using the umbrella handle to hook the bag often occurs in _____.

  A) restaurants

  B) theatres

  C) New York City subways

  D) toilet stalls

  TEXT H First read the following questions. 85. Many Japanese vehicles have their first "service" at a _____. A. garage B. factory C. temple D. workshop 86. Koalas are unique to _____. A. France B. Japan C. the world D. Australia Now read Text H quickly and select your answers. AUSTRALIA THE QUEENSLAND Police and the University of Queensland are now "finger-printing" koalas to prevent them from being taken illegally. Although the palms of koalas lack prints, their fingertips show a pattern that researchers believe is as individual as human fingerprints are. Under the system, wildlife rangers who suspect that a koala has been taken illegally can check whether its print is on record. (from The Wall Street Journal) THE WORLD THE WORLD POPULATION of about 5.4 billion people were gathered together in one spot, with each person standing on a generous two-by-two-foot patch of ground, wed cover an area of less than 800 square miles. (from Marilyn vos Savant in Parade) JAPAN A HIGH PERCENTAGE of new cars sold in Japan have their first "service" at a temple or shrine rather than a garage workshop. In a form of religious insurance taken out by an increasing number of Japanese motorists, drivers go with their new car to the temple gate for the blessing ceremony. The Buddhist or Shinto priest is summoned, and the doors, hood and trunk are opened. Hundreds of thousands of new cars are taken for the blessing, and sometimes the motorist makes a donation to the temple. (from The Daily Telegraph, London)

  85. Many Japanese vehicles have their first "service" at a _____.

  A) garage

  B) factory

  C) temple

  D) workshop

  86. Koalas are unique to _____.

  A) France

  B) Japan

  C) the world

  D) Australia

  TEXT I First read the following questions. 87. What is the price of the least expensive ocean-view villa? A. 375 B. 850 C. 1,050 D. 1,250 88. What extra convenience comes with a villa that does not come with a suite? A. A car. B. A deluxe ocean view. C. No charge for children 18 and under. D. A 12:00 check —— in time. Now read Text I quickly and select your answers. Rates & Packages Rates Maximum Occupancy One Bedroom Suites Scenic View 295 1-4 Ocean View 375 1-4 Deluxe Ocean View 475 1-4 Villas One-Bedroom Ocean View 850 1-4 One-Bedroom Ocean Front 950 1-4 Two-Bedroom Ocean View 1,050 1-6 Two-Bedroom Ocean Front 1,150 1-6 Three-Bedroom Ocean View 1,250 1-8 Three-Bedroom Ocean Front 1,350 1-8 Includes luxury rental car · No charge for children 18 years old and under. · Rates subject to change without notice. · Two nights deposit plus tax must be received within 14 days after requesting a suite or villa reservation. · Cancellations must be received 72 hours prior to arrival. · Check-in time 4:00 p.m. Check-out time 12:00 noon.

  87. What is the price of the least expensive ocean-view villa?

  A) '375

  B) '850

  C) '1,050

  D) '1,250

  88. What extra convenience comes with a villa that does not come with a suite?

  A) A car.

  B) A deluxe ocean view.

  C) No charge for children 18 and under.

  D) A 12:00 check —— in time.

  TEXT J First read the following questions. 89. The bank is looking for someone with all of the following skills EXCEPT _____. A. sales B. marketing C. banking D. writing 90. Which of the following candidates would most likely be hired? A. College educated with three years of commercial banking experience. B. Twenty years of experience in real estate sales and five years in advertising. C. Published author with ten years experience in managing a magazine sales department. D. No college; fifteen years experience in banking. Five as manager of loan department. Now read Text J quickly and select your answers. Commercial Loan Manager Five years previous experience in a commercial loan department, preferably in a management position. Person will be responsible for establishing Brighton National Banks new department to include assisting with creation of policies and procedures. Strong leadership and management skills, ability to analyze and administer heavy commercial loan portfolio. Minimum 10 years of prior banking experience, preferably with a Brighton community bank. Strong business development and sales experience. Proven success in portfolio development and management. Excellent communication skills, both verbal and written, with all levels of management and customer service. Requires college degree or equivalent work experience. Please mail your resume to: Brighton National Bank 1420 Keller Avenue Brighton VA

  89. The bank is looking for someone with all of the following skills EXCEPT _____.

  A) sales

  B) marketing

  C) banking

  D) writing

  90. Which of the following candidates would most likely be hired?

  A) College educated with three years of commercial banking experience.

  B) Twenty years of experience in real estate sales and five years in advertising.

  C) Published author with ten years' experience in managing a magazine sales department.

  D) No college; fifteen years' experience in banking. Five as manager of loan department.


  Listen to the following passage.    Altogether the passage will be read to you four times.    During the first reading, which will be read at normal speed, listen and try to understand the meaning.    For the second and third readings, the passage will be read sentence by sentence, or phrase by phrase, with intervals of 15 seconds.    The last reading will be read at normal speed again and during this time you should check your work.    You will then be given 2 minutes to check through your work once more.


  Write a composition of about 150 words on the following topic:

  AUTOMATED COLLECTION BUS: A SUCCESS OR A FAILURE? You are to write in three parts. In the first part, state clearly your viewpoint on this issue. In the second part, give one or two reasons to support your point of view. In the last part, bring what you have written to a natural conclusion. Marks will be awarded for content, organization, grammar and appropriacy. Failure to follow these instructions may result in the loss of marks.


  Write a note of about 50-60 words based on the following situation: You want to have a discussion with your supervisor about your BA thesis. Now you are at his office, but he is not in. You want to leave a note to his secretary suggesting a plan for your meeting. Marks will be awarded for content, organization, grammar and appropriacy

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