chapter1 words
1. Generous general generosity
2. Hospitable hostile
3. Aggressive modest
4. Amateur professional magnify magnificent massive
5. Alert cautious leisure idle
6. Awkward backward forward embarrassed
7. Fidelity confident ambitious ambition
8. Rational radical impulsive hasty
9. Earnest devoted
10. characteristic comprehensive (comprehension)
11. Aware conscious conscientious/science recognize-cognition
12. Arbitrary artificial
13. Capable skillful clumsy captain capital
14. Intelligent diligent genius
15. Inferior superior junior senior (inferior superior prior to…)
16. Graceful elegant decent
17. Aggressive gross/grass
18. Familiar similar/simulate parent/apparent/transparent
19. Loyal/royal faithful
20. Hold coward
21. Reluctant clumsy
22. Evil devil wicked vivid survive revive
23. Wild mild violent
24. Reliable liable
25. Naked bare blank vacant/vacancy/vacation hollow
26. Male female
27. Liberal literature illiterate
28. Harsh rigid severe
29. Humble/thumb noble
30. Suicide concise precise incise-suspect
31. Sensitive sentimental sensible sensational sensor-nonsense
32. Fluent eloquent/dialogue
33. Responsible responsive
34. Considerable considerate
35. Fantastic vain/vacant
36. Innocent guilty grateful gratitude
37. Optimistic pessimistic pest/pet/optician (optional course) optimum
38. Panic calm
39. Potential/potent initial
40. Complex complicated sophisticated flexible
41. Keen enthusiastic
42. Energetic vigorous dynamic
43. Voluntary compulsory
44. Punctual precise
45. Respectful respectable
46. Mature ripe
47. Intimate imitate
48. Neutral moderate
49. Objective subjective
50. Ideal realistic
51. Prevalent prominent diminish eliminate
52. Content consent

1. Accurate precise cure punctual
2. Superficial/face magnificent
3. Extreme supreme ordinary extraordinary
4. Elaborate approximate
5. Sharp blunt clumsy reluctant
6. Elastic fixed (fasten one’s seatbelt)
7. Raw crude
8. Equal equivalent
9. Antique unique/unite uniform
10. Automatic mechanic
11. Alternative mechanic/mechanism(阅读词汇)
12. Instinct distinct extinct
13. Belief relief brief chief abridge abbreviate
14. Chilly moist/mild
15. Traditional conventional
16. Economic economical economy
17. Sufficient efficient/deficient(6)
18. Apparent obvious evident identical
19. Peculiar particular specific/special peck
20. Permanent temporary/temperature
21. Remote promote
22. Typical classic
23. Vague dim faint
24. Alike unlike dislike likely
25. Adequate abundant sufficient
26. Hazard secure
27. Preliminary elementary
28. Deform conform uniform formal/normal
29. Visible visual visionary (6)
30. Stiff stuff staff
33. Creep steep
34. Various variable/very
35. Stable steady/ready
36. Rough tough
37. Slender tender render
38. Audio audience
39. Minor major/minority
40. Curved vertical horizontal straight
41. Frequent occasional(听) frequency
42. gradual degrade
43. valid effective efficient
44. stale static still
45. absolute entire thorough
46. rare bare spare glare stare gaze glance glimpse
47. principle principal
48. annual manual mutual mute mutter
49. primary essential vital fundamental crucial/cross substantial substance
50. unanimous controversial = (contra + verse+ ial) contradiction/dictation
51. enormous tremendous massive numerous
52. grand glorious magnificent marvel ones
53. spectacular perspective
54. domestic civil
55. frequent consequent sequent subsequent sequent
56. diverse reverse verse
57. dominant subordinate
58. urge urgent emergency
59. eventual ultimate
60. odd ridiculous
61. bound inevitable
62. immense tense dense/density intense condense
63. successful successive/successor(6)
64. rural urban suburb
65. prime peak
66. mere sole multiple
67. negative positive
68. accidental incidental

chapter2 listening comprehension
1-学校 report experiment scholarship degree lecture speech
art course science course term semester campus fail
literature (grade the paper) assignment appointment doze off nap
score presentation
关键词语:boring dull nervous puzzled confused absent present
awful terrific drop out(中途退学)
(1)讲座场景:speech lecture – professor/scholar/expert/president
boring/hard to follow = hard to understand
(2)交作业场景 assignment sit up girl student fail-boy student
词语特殊场景:fail drop in the presence of = before hard to
follow / catch = beyond me
2-图书馆: catalogue reference book refer to look into renew due
overdue librarian journal book shelf hardcover edition fine
(magazine) (book) case fine ticket = ticket (罚款单)
关键词汇: novel science fiction moving touching
(1)typist场景: (抱怨) typing errors full of typing mistakes
(2)招聘场景: fill/out application form apply for position working
experience frequent trip on business handle the matter(独挡一面)
finance financial report
(3)预约场景: client customer lift secretary the
president/manager is absent (customer 找 president pre.总会out)
4-交通: traffic light traffic jam over-speed road sign
highway driving license subway/underground lift give a lift
pick up have a flat tire(胎破了) direction
(1)问路场景: turn right on the second turn two block away – near
(2)乘车场景: view sight countryside cotton farm get on/off(上下车)
(3)修理场景: break down engine repair-mend-fix repairman
electrician plumber carpenter garage refrigerator-frig
air-conditioner air-conditioning
(4)修理场景: minor injury knock into the tree
a: tourist travel agency guide vacation place of interest resort
beach seashore exhibition concert rock and roll gallery
b: keep fit fitting room be on a diet
c: figure fashion in fashion out of fashion style pattern
model try on size brand afford purchase match with
agree with discount bargain in stock out of stock(没现货)

1-邮局:parcel package mail luggage baggage case deliver
delivery weigh the parcel pound pence dollar cent postage
测试规律:$2.5 = two dollars fifty ( cents ).
2-餐馆: menu bill go dutch treat to… dessert candy sweets
dish pic canteen cafeteria delicious order can–canned food
3-宾馆:check in check out reception desk receptionist porter
tip fee operator reserve a room book a room single room
double room
测试规律:打电话场景 dial area code pull through passenger
4-银行:deposit savings account cash credit-card interest rate
draw money overdraw
测试规律:close down the savings account
5-机场:airline flight fare take off land down first-class
schedule ahead schedule in advance behind schedule departure time
fasten one’s seat belt air hostess in advance
测试规律:归来场景 return ticker ID card check up flight convenient
comfortable smooth
6-医院: come down with recover get over prescribe prescription
pill temperature

1-描述人物: panic calm cheerful annoyed jealous nervous
anxious eager upset
2-描述事物:dull alike crowded frequent occasional proper
direct favorite normal average convenient rarely/really
immediate similar by chance accidental

1- make it worn out get/be used to doing used to every once in while
figure out keep it break down mean to supposed to no wonder
let alone have no idea how come manage to attempt to count the days
by all means under no circumstance thanks to count on count in
depends feel like doing
2- by chance you said it you say it again I can’t agree with you
more/better you are telling me drag one’s feet draw near the last thing beyond one’s means beyond someone you are kidding come down with
raise the roof have one’s hands full go in one ear, come out of the other
pretty good in a mess cheer up

chapter3 words(add…)
7>关键名词: community shape layer straw needle nest mud
branch bush solar carbon cycle parrot silver gold
criminal crime gypsies cause drug abuse bow arrow weapon
range string device contest yard mile foot inch
handbrake bottom barrel kick the bucket resource property
purpose citizen pilot firm brain record signal heat
track system wrist vehicle gratitude appreciation church variety architecture species elevator manners image kid
emergency equipment security victim lobby(6) cord chain
belt target item rank uniform alcohol comprehension jungle storm stream shade challenge tradition authority adult impact phenomenon hut status technology corn torch insect detector vocabulary Buckingham palace fault ESL = English as a second language ESP = English for Special Purpose roman empire coin wheel ocean element factor survey
1-关键形容词: complicated efficient tough previous fortunate immediate multiple embarrassed professional precise chief
natural classical valuable automatic available faithful
critical religious total artificial smart mysterious average
elegant inadequate disable cautious perfect confused innocent countless crowed typical boring shocked moderate mental slight essential indispensable identical relative romantic
qualified tight loose uniformed

2-关键动词: isolate sew scream survive require crash blame
resign retire perceive contribute conduct interfere with
prevent monitor determine analyze measure transmit ignore
claim accuse(6) grasp offer ruin decorate specialize
tend to attach to steer fasten describe rescue predict
arrest represent quit give a ride = give a lift

chapter4 words(add…)
1. ban (ban doing) abandon prohibit prevent cancel
2. justice justification adjust
3. issue sue purse lawsuit
4. accuse amuse abuse confuse diffuse charge
5. minister ministry administrate
6. admit commit emit submit omit
7. adopt adapt
8. appeal heal reveal seal conceal
9. assess recess access possess confess asset
10. approve grant accusation discharge prime MBA = Master of Business Administration committee commission commitment responsibility submit retreat reverse have access to possession asset take for granted(不当回事)
11. evaluate estimate
12. capture arrest
13. remark comment review
14. compromise negotiate
15. threat torture
16. recede concede
17. decline incline
18. cling sting
19. insult offend humiliate
20. export import transport passport porter inhuman
21. erect establish
22. fulfill accomplish
23. impose propose dispose compose composition component composer oppose expose suppose Man proposes, God dispose(谋事在人,成事在天)
24. Survey investigate poll
25. plot dot spot on the spot (现场)
26. relieve release relief
27. obliged compel force
28. influence impacts effect = have an effect on
29. preserve observe deserve reserve observation
30. damage destroy spoil ruin cross = go across pass = go past
31. sustain maintain contain detain obtain/gain/attain strain/restrain entertain bargain
32. subject yield concede + to
33. eliminate diminish
34. exert convert
35. withdraw overdraw
36. declare pledge claim acclaim announce
37. execute commit
38. cite/quote quotation citation
39. debate argue dispute
40. consume resume assume presume consumer
41. appoint assign
42. assemble resemble
43. clarify classify terrify/horrify modify/verify qualify specify notify identify
44. advertise advocate
45. ease cease grease
46. agriculture culture cultivate bread
47. conduct conductor
48. extend enhance expand
49. title entitle authority rank/title/status/rank authorities authorize
50. shift swift/swing
51. accommodate consolidate
52. revive alleviate
53. ascend descend transcend antecedent
54. similar assimilate
55. hail prevail avail
56. bribe rib
57. brew distill
58. commemorate commence
59. contaminate tan
60. rot corrode
61. shrink link sink pink
62. fade faint
63. float soak
64. bloom boom
65. spark spur provoke stir incur (影起,导致…)
66. spur incur occur
67. creep steep peep
68. slim scrim
69. delete derive
70. punch screw twist
71. assist consist list
72. hay ray array spray pray sway decay
73. bind to attach to
74. excel accelerate
75. comprise compose consist constitute + of
76. flourish thrive
77. flow fluctuate swell
78. invest install
79. squeeze sneeze trap strap

chapter5 writing
college student in society take effective measure pay much effort build the habit of pay a role in effect benefit harm development pay attention to importance necessity trouble difficultly honest safety science and technology knowledge inter-personal relationship attitude behavior performance method living level living standard success failicant cooperation advantage disadvantage market-oriented economy talent fair applicant inter view value experience demand requirement choice competition skill application

do good to do bad to from the habit of get used to doing put forward build one’s ability benefit form attend the activity master grasp make good use of get on well with get along well with meet the need of adapt to depend on rely on effect/influence handle/do with/deal with/cope with encourage inspire tell from choose/select promote invite SB. to/for STH.

effective necessary indispensable inevitable be bound to rapid limited widespread useful useless helpful helpless careful careless normal abnormal formal informal polite uncommon comfortable present past future confident qualified excellent social successful unsuccessful skillful fluent valuable precious suitable correct smooth meaningful meaningless beneficial succeed in doing fail to do active
a great number fail to grasp effective

1-并列:as well as in a long run on one hand on the other hand on one side on the other side at the time in the meantime meanwhile both and
2-转折:however nevertheless on the contrary instead instead of
3-递进:besides in addition furthermore in fact as a matter of fact actually anyway
4-因果:in this way as a result therefore there by since as
5-条件:as long as on the condition that
6-其他:obviously = clearly to a large degree = to a great extent or otherwise

chapter6 reading comprehension
cell germ bacteria virus volcano earthquake flood drought poverty wealth possession fortune property famine chemist physicist psychologist novelist dentist surgeon fiction muscle pulse organ tongue clay claw coal mine mineral miner resource source tissue species ocean creature grease conductor subject copper crystal dam cliff date specimen sample ebb tide cord issue experiment/experimentation wave current thunder container device equipment electronics fiber fabric gene oxygen hydrogen liquid liquor liver lung magnet moisture nylon petrol protein atmosphere radar radiation rust timber/woods/jungle expert/specialist acid solar lunar system substance atom digit three-dimensions sum mold episode era compound component cable echo cement orbit software voltage gesture track mechanism insect facility spider vegetation/vegetable alloy aviation CAAC = Civil Aviation Administration of China ecology expertise marble silicon synthesis transistor hurricane/hurry

advertisement advertiser medium media publicity correspondence correspondent mission commerce merchant administration policy crew staff faculty talent fair agent agency asset estate welfare expense pension delegate representative document file genius/talent/gift loan investment charity competition/contest competitor rival opponent/oppose peer executive CEO = Chief Executive Officer profit scale fund finance race budget manufacturer ceremony resort vehicle inflation enterprise joint venture textile guarantee recession automobile channel donation fee draft personnel rank/title sponsor statistics anniversary architect audience archaeology athlete champion comedy tragedy copyright press conference crime criminal fiction drama festival folk funeral wedding candidate item luxury lease revenue sanction allowance statue status cartoon instrument drum trumpet dialect magic mask moral virtue accent intellectual divorce myth philosophy region saint sin gesture jail institution legislation reform immigrant priest

passion impact anxiety prejudice triumph potential acquisition ambition assumption assume approval attitude capacity distress approve challenge chaos collision charm comment review revision compromise concentration concession conflict defect contradiction despair caution enthusiasm gratitude determination grace/elegance emotion hint equality terror/horror fatigue emergency glory inquiry intention interpretation nightmare motive/motivate/stimulus decode personality torture resolution response wit/wisdom genius suspicion summit tension threat stress strategy preference summit stain rage riot personality

environment decade principle campaign discipline symbol crisis disaster alcohol function opportunity barrier appetite routine shelter nest career evidence flame target suicide margin notion option background adult scheme curriculum
fake participant transaction auction banquet circus layman morality coach conception concept/conceive rejoice/joy idiot incentive reconciliation scrutiny

chapter7 choose
1- 介词短语: for all anyhow somewhat beneath concerning and so forth provided/providing in light of cast/throw light on at a glance take for granted in haste, on impulse be in for in that for instance at intervals of late likewise long for in a manner of speaking at the mercy of in memory of mess about/around mess up on occasions regarding regardless of for the sake of on the spot at stake take by surplus on the spot at stake take by surplus lose temper in total just as well may as well
2- 动词短语:
1. bring off bring up bring about
2. come into come across come true come off come up with come down with
3. count in count on
4. cut in cut off
5. do up do without
6. call off call on call for
8. die down die out die away
9. break down break up break off
10. in the event of
11. for good well off
12. fill in fill out
13. get through get by get in
14. give off give out
15. go over go after on the go
16. at hand in hand hand out hand in hand over hand down
17. hang on hang about/around
18. head for over/above one’s head lose one’s head
19. at heart in heart by heart to one’s heart’s content
20. in honor of on one’s honor
21. knock down knock out
22. lay off lay out
23. let alone let off
24. log in log out
25. look down look up look to
26. make it make out make believe make up make up for
27. by means of by all means
28. keep/bear in mind
29. for the moment the moment that
30. pick up pick out
31. put out put up with put down put off put forward
32. run out run across = come across
33. see to see off see through
34. make sense in sense
35. set out set about
36. show off show up
37. stand for
38. take after take over take on take in take for take up
39. turn down turn to turn out turn up
40. wind up



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