Of all the things that can be stolen from you – your possessions, your youth, your health, your words, your rights – what no one can ever take from you is…


  1.Your uniqueness.


  You are unrepeatable. There is a magic about you that is all your own. Having a low opinion of yourself is not humility, it's self-destruction. Holding your uniqueness in high regard is not egotism, it's a necessary precondition to happiness and success. You deserve to wear a smile in your heart. Not because of what you have or what you do, but because of who you are. Yes, you are changing each day, but you are always amazing just as you are.


  2.How you feel about yourself.


  It takes a long time to learn how to NOT judge yourself through someone else's eyes, but once you do the world is yours for the taking. We have all been placed on this earth to discover our own life, and we will never be happy or successful if we try to live someone else's idea of it. So give up worrying too much about what others think of you. What they think isn't all that important. What is important is how you feel about yourself.


  3.Your intuition.


  If you're thinking just like everyone else, you aren't really thinking. Follow your intuition. Do what makes sense to you. Never compare your journey to someone else's. Everyone has their own struggles, their own challenges, and a different path that they chose to get to where they are. Remember, you don't need to wait for external circumstances to perfectly align in order to show up for the life you've been dreaming of. What you're looking for is already somewhere inside you.


  4.Your passion.


  If there was ever a moment to follow your passion and do something that matters to you, that moment is now. Find your passion, whatever it is. Become it, let it become you, and great things will happen FOR you, TO you, and BECAUSE of you. And even if things don't work out as planned, you'll still be heading in the right direction. Because nothing you have passion for is ever a waste of time, no matter how it turns out.


  5.Your determination.


  When life gives you something that makes you feel afraid, that's when life gives you a chance to grow strong and be brave. Nothing is permanent in this crazy world, not even your mistakes, failures, or troubles. If you keep your eyes open and your feet moving forward, you'll eventually find what you need.


  6.Your attitude.


  Something nobody can take away from you is the way you choose to respond to what others say and do to you. The last of your freedoms is to choose your attitude in any given circumstance. Choose to be happy and positive. It is not always easy to find happiness in ourselves, but it is always impossible to find it elsewhere. Regardless of the situation we face, our attitude is our choice. So smile as you walk away and move on from negative people and their actions.


  7.Your ability to spread love and kindness.


  The measure of your life will not be in what you accumulate, but in what you give away. And 99 percent of the time you get what you put in, so give freely. Charity can be in the form of a smile, lending an ear or a helping hand. There are many acts of kindness that don't cost a cent. Remember, the ultimate goal of all goals is to be happy. If you want to be happy make those around you happy.


  8.Your hope.


  It's not the load that breaks you down, it's the way you carry it. The biggest obstacles that stand between a person and what they want in life is the will to try it, and the faith to believe it's possible. Hope is the little voice inside your head that whispers "maybe" when it seems like the whole world is shouting "impossible!"


  9.Your knowledge and life experiences.


  Character and wisdom are sculpted over time. They come with loss, lessons, and triumphs. They come after doubts, second guesses, and unknowns. If there was a definitive path to success, everyone would be on it. The seeds of your success are planted in your past failures. Your best stories will come from overcoming your greatest struggles. Your praises will be birthed from your pains. So keep standing, keep learning, and keep living.


  10.Your choice to move on emotionally.


  Don't let past relationships and old mistakes ruin your future. Don't let someone or something that didn't make it in your life continue to hurt you. If you do, you're still giving a portion of your life to something that no longer exists – it's like letting your happiness slip into a black hole. Learn the lesson, release the pain, and move on. Scars remind us of where we have been, not where we are headed.




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